About us

Goldbay Investments Overseas Limited is mainly engaged in equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer servives, commercial and financial advisory and financing businesses.

The company has successfully participated in the technology transfer business of a number of multinational companies, helped many traditional and technology companies in securing financing in the capital market successfully.

With different information and resources channnel, Goldbay(Jinwan) provides business advisory service for SMEs in China and overseas, wihle setting up a convenient and transparent technology and market bridge.

With a focus of information industrie, artificial intelligence, cleantech, high-end manufacturing, medical and health equipment industries, Goldbay(Jinwan)provides investments and financing advisory, project management, sustainable and integrated solutions, and value-added services to our customers.

Service Advantages



Extensive and direct channel of technology provider and receiver


Extensive and direct channel of investors of public and private capital markets


China's powerful investment platform


Expertise and experiences globally

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